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Jacqueline Petriello

Jacqueline Petriello is the proud and devoted owner of House of Hair Westchester. Master colorist and Extension specialist has gained her experience by endless hours of education all around the country and even internationally. In 2018 Jacqueline was nominated as a finalist taking 10th place out of 311,000 in the One Shot Hair Awards. Hosted by one of the worlds most recognized beauty communities, Behind The Chair. Jacqueline has also been recognized and awarded by the state of New York as the Best in Business Initiative in 2021. Her passion for community has lead her to hosting many fundraisers and local foundations. Jacqueline has become an in-salon educator and mentor for her apprentices and stylists alike. Not only helping them perfect their craft behind the chair, and to build a strong skill set, but also teaching them how to start a business. Jacqueline offers exclusive services for those looking to enhance their style and beauty. “Lived-in” looks is what she finds most inspiring. Using her knowledge and skill to create these looks with either or both color & extensions. 

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